August Catering Events!

Last Updated on August 20, 2015 by 67team

Greetings and happy late Summer to everyone.  We’ve had lots of catering jobs the last few weeks.

Below is a platter we did for our friends at Noble Cider.  They’ve just opened a brand new tasting room and are expanding their operation.  Congrats to Trevor and JoAnna!

Oh, and this Ploughman’s type of lunch platter isn’t really on our catering menu.  We have a very nice Local Artisan Cheese platter already, but this is a step up and heartier with cured meats, pickles, chutneys, breads (not pictured) and other condiments.   They sure enjoyed it.  In fact, they enjoyed it so much that they suggested we add it to our menu.  Not a bad idea!

67 Biltmore in Asheville features a great Ploughman's Lunch

Our Ploughman’s Lunch features great local cheeses, cured meats, toasty baguette, nuts, fruits, and chutneys!

Our BIG week for Penland

Ever cooked for 540 people?  Well, we just did.  Two days in a row!  And for the most part things went relatively smooth.  Admittingly any event in the neighborhood of 500 just about maxes us out.  Storage and refrigeration are the biggest hurdles for us to overcome.  The Penland School of Crafts annual auction occurs every August and we were excited to cook for them this year.  This was a big fundraising event for them so of course they wanted things to be “just right” for their ticket holders.  We rallied our staff, kept them highly caffeinated and then prepped and chopped and cooked ’til we got it all done.  The menus this year were full of tasty summer delights.  We served slow cooked brisket with peach salsa, blue cheese slaw, local lettuce salad and warm apple crisp with caramel drizzle.  Hungry yet?  That was just Friday’s dinner.  Saturday we grilled Ahi Tuna & radicchio with arugula & oranges.  We also served chicken nicoise, fingerling potato salad with herb dijonaisse, crisp sugar snap peas, watermelon with blackberries and fresh mint all followed by fruit hand pies with whipped cream. Yowzers!  See pictures below to continue the mouth watering…

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