Covid19 Response From 67 Biltmore

Quarantine Menu Information: 

As of 3/17 our Eatery will be open from Monday-Friday (10am-4pm) for pickup and takeout orders. 

Food that is available for same day ordering can be found HERE
The PRE ORDER menu (ORDER A DAY IN ADVANCE) can be found below or HERE

 We will be offering delivery service on Tuesdays and Fridays between 1-4pm.  Read more about delivery service below.

Quarantine Menu : To Download Click HERE

67 Biltmore COVID-19 Pre-Order Menu, Updated for March 30

These pre-ordered items are available for pick up and curbside delivery Monday – Friday from 1pm – 4pm.

We will offer porch drop delivery service on Tuesdays and Fridays for orders over $50. Ask for details when you place your order.

Please order by noon the day before you need the foods to assure we can fulfill your requests.

Call 828.252.1500 or email [email protected] to place your order.

Soups: 4.99 pint / 9.29 quart –
Lemon Chicken and Rice (gf/df)
Curry Split Pea (vegan/gf)

Salads and Deli Items:
Classic Chicken Salad (gf): 8.29 pint / 15.89 quart
Picnic Tuna Salad (gf): 10.99 pint / 20.99 quart
Kale Salad of the Day (gf): 7.49 pint / 14.29 quart
Broccoli Salad with Bacon (gf): 7.49 pint / 14.29 quart
Citrus, Rice, Bean and Avocado Salad (gf/vegan): 7:49 pint / 14.29 quart
Sesame Peanut Noodles (vegetarian): 6.09 pint / 11.79 quart
Maple Cole Slaw (vegetarian/gf): 6.09 pint / 11.79 quart
Caprese Salad (vegetarian/gf): 7.49 pint / 14.29 quart
Quinoa Salad (vegan/gf): 7.49 pint / 14.29 quart
Pimento Cheese (gf) 8oz container: 6.00
Housemade Granola (gf/df): 1lb bag: 7.95
Rosemary Roasted Cashews (gf): ½ lb bag: 8.95

Lasagnas – can be GF with zoodles upon request
small serves 2 / medium serves 4 / large serves 9-12 ***these freeze and reheat well!
Italian Sausage & Sweet Pepper Lasagna: 14.00 / 26.00 / 52.00
Pecorino, Mushroom and Kale Lasagna (vegetarian): 13.00 / 24.00 / 48.00

small serves 2 / medium serves 4 / large serves 9-12 ***these freeze and reheat well!
Ropa Vieja (Cuban style beef) and Yellow Rice (GF/DF) – 14.00 / 27.50 / 55.00
Moroccan Chicken with Rice (GF/DF) – 12.00 / 23.00 / 46.00
Local Beef Bolognese – 14.00 / 27.50 / 55.00
Thai Curry Chicken with Vegetables and Rice (GF/DF) – 12.00 / 23.00 / 46.00
Thai Curry Tofu with Vegetables and Rice (Vegan/GF) – 11.00 / 20.00 / 40.00
Chicken Pot Pie – 12.00 / 21.00 / 42.00
Eggplant Parmesan (Vegetarian) – 11.00 / 20.00 / 40.00

From the Bakery
67 Biltmore Biscuits: $1.50 each / $2.00 with butter and jam
Cookies (ask for GF if needed): $1.59 each
Brownies with Walnuts: $2.49 each
Slice of Cake of the day: $4.49 each

***Call Asheville Wine Market at 828.253.0060 to have them add a bottle or two of wine to your order. Order from them by 12:30pm and they will bring the wine to us to put with your food order.

If you do not want to come inside to pick up your order, please call in your order, give us your payment information, and call when you arrive.  We’ll run the food out to you in the parking lot.  Please be patient with us if the lot is full.  We will do our best to get you out as fast as possible.  Please remember there is also an alley on the opposite side of the building that may also work for this option. 

For the Tuesday and Friday delivery service,  you will be required to pre-pay with a credit card when you place the order.  There will be a fee of $10-$20 depending on your delivery location.  You will need to place a minimum order of $50 and have some flexibility in your drop off time for this option.  We will ring your doorbell and leave the food on your porch, in a cooler or other area designated by you.  Order early for this option as the delivery schedule may fill quickly.  Please note we may not be able to accommodate all delivery requests.