Gourmet quality, grab-n-go convenience. Stop by to enjoy a tasty, fresh and affordable breakfast, lunch or early dinner.







In our Eatery, our counter service is easy and friendly. For lunch, dig into one of our specialty sandwiches or enjoy the many options from our case filled with creative salads, proteins and sides. We have two homemade soups on rotation and most days offer a special sandwich of the day.

During the cold months we treat our customers to a “Hot Lunch” choice which could be anything from Beef Lasagna to Thai Chicken Curry to Eggplant Parmesan.

Our Grab ‘n Go cooler stays packed with quick dinner options such as meat or vegetarian casseroles, lasagnas, or pot pies for people to take home and enjoy.

You’ll find a variety of homemade desserts and teas in our Eatery as well as Counter Culture Coffee. We take pride in all of our offerings and enjoy making them from scratch each morning.


I need to order sandwiches from your Sandwich Menu for a group TODAY. What should I do?

Give us a call, and we’ll see what we can do! Most times we can accommodate this but ask that if you’re ordering for a group, you give us an hour of heads up time. If you need corporate catering or sandwiches or easy foods from our Catering Menu, please call a few days to a week in advance to order.

Can I get my sandwich made to my dietary restrictions?
Yes. We offer gluten-free bread from Eat More Bakery. Some of our sandwiches are vegetarian already and if you’d like a sandwich that is not vegetarian to be made vegetarian just ask when you’re ordering. We can also accommodate dairy free, nut free, and vegan orders.
How long does it take to get my sandwich?
Sandwiches usually take 15 minutes to make (especially if they are hot or toasted). Please keep in mind that at most times throughout the day, we’re busy making multiple sandwiches for orders so during rush times, it may take a little longer.
Do you have parking at your Eatery?
We have an attached parking lot to our building.  Please keep in mind that our spots (LINED IN WHITE) are the ones against our building.  The spots closest to Mamacita’s and The Continental Lounge and along the back facing Lexington Ave (LINED IN YELLOW) are not for our building and you have to pay to park there.  You can only park in our spots if you are visiting one of the businesses in our building (67 Biltmore, Asheville Wine Market or Pure Yoga) during business hours.  Otherwise, your car is subject to be towed.  The Aloft Hotel, which is 2 businesses down from our location, has an attached city parking garage.  Parking there is free for the first hour and $1.25 each hour after.  City parking prices are listed here 
Do you serve beer and wine in your Eatery?
No.  We do not have a license to purchase or serve alcohol in our Eatery for our regular business hours.  Our building is attached to The Asheville Wine Market.  If you would like alcohol with your meal, you can order here, and visit next door!  They offer beer, wine on draft or wine bottles.  We’ll bring the food to you!  They have tables and bar seating.
Can you tell me a little bit about the Eatery?
The Eatery, located at 67 Biltmore Ave in Downtown Asheville, is a casual dining spot offering Breakfast, Lunch and Early Dinner. We’re open from 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday and closed Sundays. Our eatery is counter service style with a huge Deli Case full of salads, proteins, sides, and desserts. Many of these items are gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian. We offer breakfast from 8-11am on Monday-Friday and 8-12pm on Saturdays. We have a full breakfast menu and a sandwich menu. We also have a Grab and Go cooler that we keep stocked with dinners to go like casseroles, lasagnas, pot pies and specialty desserts. Please check our Daily Specials page to see what’s available in our deli case and Grab and Go Cooler each day!
What happened to the Casseroles and Lasagnas menu?
We recently combined our menus from three pages down to a single page, the Eatery Menu page. It’s a Google thing about traffic being split between too many pages and we think you probably don’t want to click between too many pages, right?

On that page is a tab for Casseroles and Lasagnas. They’re still here and they’re still yummy!


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